Sabtu, 05 November 2011

We are happy crazy-ing part I

Hola buddies!

These are some pics of my creyzieest classmate, nadia&inun. Hmm, did you see someone behind us? hahhaha. Is it boy?girl?or...or..sissy maybe? LOL:D Hmm, is he skinny? weird? looks like an autis man?or maybe bone-man? :p hehe *peace*. Stop mock him too much :p He's my classmate too. Unu, is his name :p He's one of the patient boy i've met in world! Hahahaha 'patient' here happens especially in "love affair" Eaaaaaaaaaaaaa:D He has a very odd way to walk:p hahaha you know how ice-skater dragging his feet in a slow motion? Aha! That's how he walks :D Oke. Back to the topic:p These pics were taken when we have nothing to do in class. So, I decided to comfort myself by taking some pics of mine with a semi tasbih-flashdisk (?) around my head, till my friends came and yaah..being crazy like this:p

How alay we are..

How looney-_- how we could be like this-_-

To be continued..

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