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He is popularly known as Choi Minho. The one who makes me crazy for all the time. Everytime I see him, i feel just lyk "Does he really exist?" "Is it just my ilussion?" or "aaaaaaaaaaaaaa mine!!" I can't stand it! He's so damn adorable, stunning, flaming charisma*.* He just makes me want to reach into the picture and squeeze those cutie, chubby cheeks, rawwwwwr hahaha. I know it's "lebay". But....aa if you feel what I feel :")

His biography :

Real Name: Choi Minho (최민호)

Stage Name: Flaming Charisma Minho

Nicknames: Prince Minho, Frog Eyes, Turtle

Date of Birth: December 09, 1991

Blood type: B | ▶ Height: 183 cm | ▶ Weight: 70 kg Star Sign: Sagittarius Religion: Christian
 Education: Konkuk University (Film Major) 
Favorite Color: Blue (aaaa my favorite too!!!!) Favorite Food: Spicy Ramyun Jersey Number: 10

Discovery: 2006 S.M. Casting System

Agency: SM Entertainment, EMI Music Japan, AVEX Taiwan

"Choi Minho is the youngest son of well-known South Korean soccer coach, Choi Yungyeom. He has an older brother named Choi Minseok who is enrolled in P.E. Seoul University. Minho's occupation includes being an idol singer, rapper, dancer, actor, model, lyricist, promotional model, presenter, and ambassador. 
Minho was supposed to debut as an actor but instead, he was chosen to be a member of the five member boy group SHINee in 2008. Under the stage name Flaming Charisma Minho, his role  in the group is main rapper, visual, and sub vocalist. He is known to have written and co-written several of the raps lyrics in SHINee's albums including "Love Like Oxygen", "Juliette", "Get Down" (with Key), "Ups & Down","Hello", "Better", "Stranger", "Alarm Clock", and "Honestly". His most notable solo performance in concert is a rendition of "Oh My Gosh" by Usher. He has other minor solos in which he performed a rap version of SHINee's debut song Replay and a rap cover of Far East Movement's Rocketeer.

While a trainee, Minho and the other SHINee members traveled to Beijing in 2006 and 2007 in order to learn Chinese. Minho also debuted as a model in Andre Kim, Han Saengbaek, Lee Sangbong's Fashion Show. Other notable roles he played since then is an appearance in the Korean and Japanese version of label mate SNSD's music video "Gee" as well as featuring in the music video of rookie group VNT's debut song, "Sound".

Since his debut, Minho has utilized his many talents in quite a few variety shows when appeared in SHINee's own reality shows like Mnet Yunhanam and KBS Joy Hello Baby with Yoogeun and guested in Star King and Invicible Youth. He became a permanent cast member of KBS "Let's Go Dream Team Season 2" (2009). He was dubbed the Dream Team " Ultimate Ace" when he won a K7 Car in a Special Episode. He was also included in KBS "Oh! My School" (2011).

Minho hosted  shows including MBC "Music Core" with SHINee Onew, T-ara Jiyeon, and Miss A Suzy (2011). He also hosted the Hallyu Dream Concert (2011) with 2pm's Taecyeon and actress Park Shinhye. He co-DJ fellow SHINee members in Shim Shim Tapa, Chin Chin, Kiss The Radio, and Youngstreet Radio Shows. He did a sexy Auction "All Kill" CF with Actress Eunae in 2011, web drama Etude "Kiss Note" CF with co-members and 2NE1 Dara, and Naver's Band CF with Sulli. He is also crowned as Sports-dol when he won triple gold (Hurdle, High Jump, Swimming) in Idol Sports Athletic Competition in 2012.

Minho debuted as an actor on KBS in a special drama called "Pianist (gifted pianist)" in 2010. He was later casted in SBS sitcom "Salamander Guru and The Shadows" (genius hacker) in 2012. As of April 26, 2012, he has been confirmed to be the lead role, alongside label mate F(x)'s Sulli, for the drama "To The Beautiful You" (high jumper), a Korean version of sensational the hit Japanese drama "Hana Kimi". In 2012, he is fourth overall Daum's Best Idol Actor and SBS crowned him as one of the Best Newcomer Artist.

In 2008 Minho, along with fellow SHINee member Key, became the 3rd Youth International Video Festival "the aura" Goodwill Ambassador. He was appointed as the Ambassador of Konkuk University in 2010 (colleague of actor Lee Minho), after graduating from the adjoining high school and beginning his part-time education therein. He was also named Honorary Ambassador for Youth in 2011 as well as receiving awards in SBS Entertainment: Variety New Star and Best Male Idol as Model.

Minho is one of the global idol who traveled around the world from Australia, Cambodia, Canada, China, France, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, to United States. In 2010, he was chosen as the Most Handsome Korean Idol with 2,494 votes voted by Chinese fans in baidu.com. He secured the top 16th in Best Idol Actor for the first half of 2012 voted by Korean fans online.

Minho is well-known to be athletic, competitive, and gentleman in nature. In addition, Minho is very friendly. He is a member of '91 line and Kyu-Line group headed by SHINee Key and Super Junior Kyuhyun respectively. He is also famous as Hyung Collector and his friends include some of DBSK, Super Junior, EXO, 2PM, 2AM, and Mighty Mouth Hyungs. His ideal girl is nice, older than he, and sexy. Famous celebrities who expressed admiration to him includes Kim Jungeun, BoA, Lee Hyori, Jung Ryeowon, and 2NE1 Dara. (Beberpa orang yang dikabarkan dekat dengannya,seperti SNSD Yuri, F(x) Kristal, F(x) Sulli, Miss A Suzy, IU and many more." Tapi....yang paling nyata itu sama SNSD Yuri! Silahkan search faktanya di google atau nonton segala video kemesraan mereka di youtube dengan channel lovelyseulgi!!!! :P)

His photos. Get ready to scream, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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