Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Art Performance

Ciao! Today, 25th March is one of the sweetest moment for my adorable 6th batch, madani. This is our last big project for subject seni budaya by ibu nita, kinda practicum test. Ibu nita commanded us (per class) to present a kind of art performance whether it's in traditional or modern way just like singing, dancing, drama and et-cetera. My class, XII IPA 3 decided to present traditional song in medley. It consisted of 5 songs,  kampuang nan jauh di mato from Sumatera, cublak cublak suweng from Java, ampar-ampar pisang from kalimantan, posisani from sulawesi, and the last one yamko rambe yamko from papua. We've done our best with only one day preparation. Imagine! A really impromptu event. But that was really great! Actually we've gone too soon by simple plan and no air by jordin sparks featuring chris brown to sing before. So, we divided our class into 2 groups based on our seat-row. And each group should choose the song that they'll going to sing. But this plan doesn't work. We didn't have much time to do rehearsal at that time. Too many tasks and exams haunt us each day. That's why we always postpone the rehearsal till the other friend said that this project will be performed on Monday  and it's saturday you know, so there's only about one day left to prepare all the things. After a looong discussion that fulfilled with ke-wishy washy-an, debate, jokes and all the emotions hahahahaha..finally we agreed to perform a medley traditional song!! Yeah!!
We spent our weekend (from 10 am to 10 pm) in Amyrah's home sweet home to do a very exhausted rehearsal, fuh! We just arrange all of the plans on that day, from the songs' draft+lyrics, the choreography , formation and all the things! With the syuper less time of preparation.......finally we did it today! YEAAAAAH. Here we are:

Oh please i'm not that petite-____-

So sorry for not display you photo on a stage (auditorium) and others performance. I'll share when I get it! Even the videos!!!! \=D/ But this is a combined photo by @ynsaprdnti on Instagram.

Ohya, you know I'm not in a good condition lately. I got my honey-bunny-sweety amandel attack, my best friend :"))) It comes in a really improper moment when I have to sing out loud in a high note. Poor me.. I loose my voice. But i keep pushin' my self to join. But lucky me, the thing I fear the most didn't come!!! Yes, i'm scare if my itchy throat kills me on the stage. I do lipsync for the first time haha, I'm feelin like a girlband -__-"I sing only at the last verse. But the last song, yamko rame yamko.. I brace up my self to sing along in a falset as much as I can to help other friend and......success!!!!! Hahahahahaha. Everything's oke even after that my throat really hurts :(((( Hehehe but I do it for my class. Ah, I love you XII IPA 3, I love you 6th batch. Me and my friends really appreciate other class especially "ica kecil" for her best expression to support (maksudnya, dengan muka semringahnya menonton kami selama kami tampil) hahahaha. You da best, ca!!!! Thankyouuuu so muchos

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