Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

kinda bored, awfully bored.

Hello. Have a short holi holi day for about 3 days. It means nothing, you know. It's better if school give us holiday from tuesday till thursday. Ya! Not, friday till sunday-___-'*grumbling all day*
Spend my time by laying on bed all day long. Really don't want to wake up even have a meal for my breakfast. Yay, I haven't eaten any cooked food today,yet. So starving, so damn starving. My stomatch started to scream continuously. My idleness is still controlling my mind. Hence, I'm still "lallygagging" on my lovely bed. Ouch! Such a weird situation --'
Actually, so many important things to do today. Making some acrticles for my school magazine, (FYI: Deadline is on monday.Gosh!!), study hard for the biology olimpiad test this tuesday-_-', finish those countless homeworks and another home-works at home T__T, wash my soiled clothes,  and many others. But once again, sleeping is the best things to do on holiday. Everybody knows that--" Aishah! Wake Up!!!! --"
My best support's disappear. Anyone of you see him?-.- hahahahhaha. Ridiculously missing sumone right now,uhuk. Stop talking nonsense-_- *self esteem mana self esteem* :p
Ow yeah, my dad's still not coming home--' Tomorrow, probably. You know daddy (re: deidieeee) it's too long to be in your hometown--' Thinking of your sweet daughter here, mom is so bad busy,lately--' She's leaving home at morning and back home at midnight-,- That "rapat kerja" is so annoying!!!!! *eh sebenarnya sih jengkelnya karena gak ada makanan di rumah, bukan karena itu* hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa ;p
Mom's asking me to call 456-126 *hello,kentucky fried chicken? :p*. Hell yeah, i'm so lazy to call:p to talk:p and to wait the deliverer! Lamaaaa rasanya lamaaa lamaaaa!!!!! x___x
Kemaren itu hal yang paling menjengkelkan selama sejarah penungguan mas kentucky. Eh masa sayanya nelpon dari sejaman yang lalu, dianya tak kunjung datang. Where are you oh the sweetest deliverer? you strayed? where? my heart? Ouch! Nooooo-____-
Setelah lumutan berkepanjangan, barulah si mas-mas kentucky nya datang. Ow yeah, harapannya sih bisa yah sekedar "handsome shopping" *APPPPPA! :p But.......Failed! Mas-mas yang nganter bukan mas ganteng biasanya.. *gubrak* :p
Kembali ke persoalan awal, yes awfully bored. extremely bored x_x don't know nothing to do. My heart feels want to drop to foot soon. Because what? because sumthin-_- Hiksssssssssss >_<
Wishing that spirit will come sooner, yes as soon as possible. Living in war situation like this is really trully killing me, softly.

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