Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Rainy Friday.

Since you went away.
I'm like someone who's left in the rain.
Boy, it's true and then when the weekend comes round I start going insane.
Without you lost in memories burning deep inside.
Friday's hard to take cause you're always on my mind.

Rainy day - rainy Friday. Rainy Friday brings me down.
Same old game on a Friday. Looking for a heart in town.
Walking to familiar places. Talking in the usual scene.
Looking into pretty faces. It's my Friday night routine.
In rainy Friday - you saw me.

The Monday's again.
In my world and I try to forget those bad news.
But then when the week's going on.
There I break down again.
And it seems since he's never cared.
So look what you've done.
Friday's hard to take - when you've lost your only one.

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