Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

Missing them

Assalamualaikum, trying to tell the truth. Now, honestly from the deepest site of my heart, I'm missing these beautiful girls so bad, Mutia and Anggi. Anggi is in the same town as me actually, even we're in the different school but I don't know it seems totally hard to meet her. -_- I'm assumed, it's because of our own activity. 
We only say hi via twitter, via handphone rarely. Just like she really happy with her new 'best' now-_- *no no, i''m not jealous :P . Also it happens to mutia-_- She is studying in Insan Cendikia Gorontalo right now. So smart? Yes, she is! :) All my bestfriends are absolutely smart, isn't it? :p Her school forbid their student to hold or having some kind of gadgets, except camera-__-' So, it means they are having a less-contact with us here in Palu. Poor. About social networking also-_- We can even count how many time she's online in a year. In year? Yes In a year!!!! :D She backs home only when ramadhan and semester-holiday come. Hoh :<
I'm really deserve to miss them!

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