Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

Girl facts, according to Sonia Eryka

Hey, I found this post on Dochi's "I AM A SUMMER PIRATE" this morning, and ngeheheh I'm starting to realize that these facts are really suit for me as a girl, so? go read! And, so sorry I'm giving this to some facts that don't really suit.

1. GIRLS ALWAYS LOVE FUNNY GUYS (...and you should have know this.) that's why we love FOOLING around

2. Don't ever lie to us, because we will always know, and it hurts.
 and the truth, is sometimes ugly, dear

3. Don't compare our boobs with Pamela Anderson's, hers are fake (and you should have know this too) the smaller a boy's brain, the bigger the chance they'll look at your chest, i'm a well educated fool. but don't get me wrong, we'd LOVE to see you naked.

4. Saying something sweet might get you off the hook. Say it frequently and we're gonna think you're an asshole. and the fact that you said "don't ever lie to us" what if it's the truth? girls are sweet.

5. Make us curious, in a sweet way.

6.Don't sing us corny love songs. (Some girls might loooove that, but I hate that. Just DON'T ever sing me Secondhand Serenade.)

7. Tell us about your secret make us feel special.

8. Don't hide anything. At least don't be suspicious. Don't make us clueless and guessing about what we're afraid of. try reading our gesture better.

9. Make us laugh. But DON'T make fun of us, even if it's a joke. Some girls are just too sensitive.

10. A system in your car only impresses your homeboys not us.

11. We hate your ex- girlfriends. and we hate yours too.

12. It is not that cool to shoot snot rockets. and some of us dont think nail polish are cool.

13. Even if you think it is cool to burp, fart, or emit other strange gases from your body, it is not. likewise.

14. Girls love guy who love his family, especially his mom. boys love it when a girl could impress their mom.

15. BE SPONTANEOUS. Any sweet things you do if you do it on purpose I might just think you did that to all other girls. spontaneous, or impulsive?

16. When you're hanging out with some of your pretty girl friends (or worse, your flirty ex girlfriend), you make us feel insecure, and we hate that. believe me, we know

17. If you remember some of the little things about our habits, we really really think you're super sweet.

18. Give us some space. Shower us with attention, not a terror with SMS / phone call everyday. likewise

19. DON'T apologize if you don't really know what's your fault. (I hate this "Apologize if you did something wrong, or even if you didn't" because yea other girls might forgive you, but it wont work if you're with me.)

20. Most importantly: we are always right; so don't forget it. no way. you FEEL like you are, but we THINK that you dont. ;p

and most important,

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