Senin, 12 Desember 2011


Hola the very loyal bloggers,  no matter who :p Yaaaa..time goes so fast everyday. Feels like just yesterday my friends and I did oration of HIV/AIDS on the 1st Desember ago. But now? It's 13th, already! Woho. I don't want december end too fast~,~ December is a very special month for me, after Ramadhan. Why? It's because I was born in this month, 24th for the complete. *promosi* *does anyone ask me?:p*  I love all the things that happen in December *God willing* :p I love the rainy season, the sound of the raindrop and the petrichor for the most. I love to see the rainbow filling up the sky in the afternoon breeze. I love to hear the hummingbird hearbeat *eh? *mabok katy perry :p*. Aaaaaaaaa, I love December for real! The important thing at all is, I love you Allah, Thanks for all the enjoyment you give till this moment :*

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