Kamis, 08 September 2011


Syalom. Night ppl!
How's your day? Great? =D Me? Em.. just the same as yesterday~ Nothing could satisfy me. My mood is still labile. Moreover, when sumone speaks a bullshit in front of me, judge me as what he/she wants without trying to think how hurt my heart when they're judging me like that, and when sumone talks like know aaaaaaaaaaaaaanything about my privacy or all the things but the facts HAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAH =_= They know nothing, even a pinch of it! How poor. =( Seperti apa yang Agnes pernah bilang " Lucu kalau orang menilai sesuatu tanpa punya wawasan yg lengkap tng sesuatu itu. Kalo salah, malu sendiri nantinya... :)" How I love this tweet!! So, damn muchos!

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