Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

kinda jeremiad, that's all..

I don't understand actually bout my feeling, lately. I guess, my mood is totally labile.am i rite?
i could turned into a taciturn at any time. Idle is the best way, i'm sure! lazy to do anything. but the other way i could turned into a pollyanna one! ha ha ha. moody? that's i am. em, that's girl, exactly =D
haha that's why all my brothers should understand about my condition.should now what i want, what i love, and what i need. so no need to be panic when i'm gettin mad because you can bribe me by all the things that i love much. ha ha ha ha =D easy rite? hmm. it's too easy :p calm down, i'm adorable actually=D  but don't be shocked when i turned into a bear-panda, okay? it's just for awhile. hahahhaa.

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